Welcome to The Arts Adventurer

Join The Arts Adventurer on my mission to look for art that doesn’t come with white walls and an audio guide. It’s about appreciating the art that surrounds us, the art that others overlook, and sometimes finding visual items of interest that don’t fit prescribed notions of “art” at all.

It’s also evolved into the pursuit of adventure, something that takes me out of my comfort zone and opens my eyes to new ways of seeing. Sometimes there’s an element of danger and certainly plenty of unpredictability, and that helps feed the adventure. Check out some of my arts adventures below, with many more coming soon!

You’ll see a fair amount of graffiti and street art here, but you’ll also see underwater photography, street photography, unusual finds in cemeteries, sculptures where you least expect them, and much more. Please check back often as I am loading up stories and pictures as quickly as I can … of course this depends on other things, like my day job, which involves designing websites for others, as well as my contributions to Artsology, which is another arts-related online project of mine, and the “sister site” of The Arts Adventurer.