The Arts Adventurer

The Arts Adventurer is coming back … well, I never went anywhere, but the website is being revamped, bringing back our previous arts adventures and adding some new ones.  If you’re new to The Arts Adventurer, let me explain what it’s all about: looking for art that doesn’t come with white walls or an audio guide.  It means I’m appreciating and sharing art (with a somewhat loose definition of “art”) that isn’t always made in a studio and isn’t being promoted by art gallery dealers or museum curators.  It’s not going to be something you’ll see in a blockbuster museum show where people are lining up for the headsets in order to learn more about what they’re seeing.  Okay, maybe rather than saying what it’s not about, I’ll give you a different angle: it’s about looking at the world around us in a different way, seeing the art that surrounds us, some of which may not fit the typical definition of art.

The Arts Adventurer finds unusual graffiti

You’ll see a fair amount of graffiti and street art here, but you’ll also see underwater photography, street photography, unusual finds in cemeteries, sculptures where you least expect them, and much more.  Please check back often as I am loading up stories and pictures as quickly as I can … of course this depends on other things, like my day job, which involves designing websites for others, as well as my contributions to Artsology, which is another arts-related online project of mine, and the “sister site” of The Arts Adventurer.

I’m in the process of re-loading adventurers from a trip to Paris several years ago, as well as adventurers on the road to – and in – Boston, starting with a stop in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I’d also like to start posting my most-recent adventurer, a trip to Turks and Caicos, which involved some snorkeling as well as some diving … that should be ready in a matter of days. You may debate whether coral reefs and sea life qualify as “arts adventures,” but I’d argue that the visual treasures of the underwater world match up with or exceed things I see in the art galleries and museums. Be the judge for yourself, as soon as I get those adventures posted!

Smith Reef snorkeling in Provo, Turks and Caicos

I also hope to open this site up to a dialogue with other “arts adventurers” out there – if you have favorite destinations or hidden spots that you’d like to share, hopefully we can create a forum for sharing these adventures.  Not like the tour guide who leads a group of people through the streets of Bushwick in Brooklyn to look at graffiti, but rather a conversation in the sense of “hey, check this out.”

iron gate with tropical animal designs seen on Providenciales