The Arts Adventurer

Looking for art that doesn't come with white walls and an audio guide

The Mindset

The maiden voyage arts adventure came as the result of simply getting in the car, driving to a city I had never been to, and cruising around looking for street art and graffiti. The element of improvisation and forcing oneself to look for art where you don't expect to find it is the cornerstone of the Arts Adventurer mindset.

graffiti in Trenton NJ

More coming soon!

The Arts Adventures

Our arts adventures include New York City, Paris, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Trenton, Virginia Beach ... and more! Our site is undergoing a major update, so we'll be restore our original stories as soon as we can.

Banksy mural in San Francisco

Coming soon!

Our 1st restored arts adventure: Finding unexpected art in an alley in Upper Montclair.

The Store

We currently have our graffiti and street art-designed t-shirts available in the Artsology store. Check it out!

The Arts Adventurer street art t-shirts

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