Anthropomorphized Pipes in NYC

I was walking east on West 23rd Street in New York City and noticed this row of pipes extending out from the wall of a drug store. The fact that the biggest one is in front with a bunch of little ones behind it, leaned back like they’re recoiling from the site of something scary, made me think of them as a little people, like little cartoon characters scared of something. If you’re not seeing it the way I am, here’s the closest thing I could find, several characters from the Donald Duck series who are hiding behind the biggest duck. Now do you see what I mean?

a row of pipes coming out of a drug store on West 23rd Street in NYC

It’s funny, because you really have to get down low and see it exactly from this angle (above) in order to get the idea … if you look at it from a standing height and angle, as you can see below, it looks totally different. I’m not sure how or why I always seem to notice things like this, but it adds a level of fun to walking around NYC and trying to see things that others might not see.

a row of pipes that looks funny when seen at a low angle