Destination: New York City

arts adventures in New York City

Sometimes New York City feels like the easiest place to find an arts adventure … simply walking down any street in any of the five boroughs will reveal something interesting.

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construction workers in Hudson Yards area

Ambiguous spatial work place, NYC

I didn’t realize until after I took this picture how ambiguous the space appears to be … it seems like

Donald Trump street art damaged

Trump street art takes a beating

I’m not sure how recognizable this trio of faces is to you in this state, but they’re a worked-over set

abandoned high heel boots and coffee cup on 8th Avenue

Something urgent must have come up

I was walking north on Eighth Avenue towards Penn Station when I walked by this scene, stopped, and then walked

store window display and reflection on Madison Avenue

Store windows on Madison Avenue

I’m rarely on the Upper East Side, but I took a stroll up Madison Avenue on my way to an

mysterious brown figurative sculptures on a rooftop on East 80th Street in NYC

Mysterious rooftop figures spotted on East 80th Street, NYC

I was walking uptown on Madison Avenue with my wife today when I noticed something up high out of the

thought balloon graffiti says not your baby on 28th Street near 7th Avenue

Not Your Baby Graffiti

I was exploring the area around F.I.T., on 28th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in NYC, when I saw

street artist Serge Miquel on the corner of 23rd and 10th, NYC

Serge Miquel making art on a NYC street corner

I was walking north on 10th Avenue in NYC when I crossed 23rd Street to find this guy making art

sprinkle sign covered with sticker art graffiti

Using signs as a canvas for graffiti

There’s something about a sign that seems to attract the attention of graffiti artists, especially those who do sticker art

graffiti tag wow factor at Hudson Yards construction site

“Wow Factor” construction site, New York City

On my recent visits into New York City, I’ve often been on the west side, heading from Penn Station down

a view of graffiti at 5 Pointz

A video look back at 5 Pointz

It was two years ago this month that graffiti mecca 5 Pointz went the way of the wrecking ball. If

donald trump street art by Con$umer

Donald Trump Street Art in NYC

I was in Chelsea yesterday, walking around and visiting art gallery shows and noticing all of the street art, and

Bronx graffiti and street art on Whitlock Avenue

Graffiti on Whitlock Avenue in the Bronx

Today was Labor Day, and I was looking for an adventure. The kids were trying to finish their summer homework