Diving The Gully at West Caicos

Our dive charter took us out to an area known as “The Gully,” off of the island of West Caicos. We entered the water just off the edge of the gully, and as we descended to about 40 feet, we were lead through the long narrow ravine between the two masses of coral. It was quite a dramatic way to start a dive, as we had to navigate single file through this tunnel of sorts, and as we came through, found ourselves in open water with a steep vertical wall of coral on our left. The video below shows me following my son through the gully and out to the other side, along with some visual highlights of coral and fish, ending with a sighting of a shark!

Map showing distance between West Caicos and Providenciales

This particular dive spot was at least 5-6 miles away from our base of Providenciales, as you can see in the map above, so it felt like a pretty long boat ride to get there, but you’ll see in early video footage that the beautiful color of the water and the surrounding views made for an enjoyable ride. But the main event of course was the dive, and the experience of going through the gully and having the chance to film it made this dive quite special.