“Girl Noticed” mural in Montclair, NJ

I’ve driven by this mural in Montclair (NJ) a few times and finally stopped to take a picture and get a closer look. It shows two girls (who seem to be in the teenage range), with the messages “Notice Me,” and “Never change who you are! Be yourself!” There is also a URL listed, girlnoticed.com, which explains that this is a “nationwide mural project valuing all girls and women,” by artist Lori Pratico. The artist (along with photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan) are traveling to all 50 states over a period of 3 years to erect a series of large exterior murals “aimed at bringing attention and awareness to the important role ‘the female’ plays in our society.”

Lori Pratico Girl Noticed Mural in Montclair, NJ

I found it interesting to learn that each mural “… will depict a female that has been nominated from their community to be noticed,” and read online that this mural features two students from Montclair High School, but I’m not sure what the basis for their nomination was. If anyone has information about this that they would like to share, please do so in the comments section below.

If you would like to learn more, check out the link provided above or see this informational PDF here.