Jack Kerouac and red neon lights at the bar

I saw this red neon installation (below left) and bar sign in NYC recently, and it triggered a visual association with a famous picture of Jack Kerouac standing in front of a red neon bar sign (below right). Now that I see them side-by-side, though, I realize there‚Äôs not much to compare, other than the red neon … but hey, it gave me an excuse to reference Jack Kerouac, who was an “arts adventurer” in his own way. The name of the bar where Kerouac is pictured is the “Kettle of Fish Bar,” on Christopher Street near 7th Avenue. It’s still there today – check it out! The name of the bar that I photographed is Bar Catalonia, but it is now closed (it used to be in the Theater District on 41st Street).