Not Your Baby Graffiti

I was exploring the area around F.I.T., on 28th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in NYC, when I saw this Sharpie graffiti with the thought balloon stating “not your baby.” The thought balloon trails off to the side of this diamond-shaped window on a boarded up empty lot, suggesting that the person thinking this thought is right behind the wall and below the window to the right. It just struck me as odd, as I’m not sure why this particular phrase would be a logical idea for a graffiti tag.

Here’s a couple ideas: there’s a U2 song (with Sinead O’Connor) called “I’m Not Your Baby;” there’s a company that makes a “not your baby” silk baseball jacket made by a company located in the same neighborhood; there’s also the idea that construction sites are often a location where workers “catcall” women, and this could be a woman’s response. Who knows? (who cares?) Here’s a few more shots of some of the graffiti at this location.

construction site plywood wall with torn posters and graffiti

Here’s a look through the diamond-shaped window to see the empty lot behind the wall, including graffiti pieces by NYC graffiti artist Duel (in black, at right).

graffiti in empty lot on 28th Street including a tag by NYC graffiti artist Duel

Here’s another one, with a stencil graffiti piece that declares this “the crime scene.” This is in fact a “logo” of sorts for a NYC collaborative which goes by “The Crime Scene Worldwide” and from what I can gather, they make music, film, clothing, and more (including graffiti).

graffiti by The Crime Scene Worldwide