Optical Illusions in South Orange

I was in South Orange recently to attend a performance at SOPAC, and noticed these colorful buildings alongside the parking lot for a restaurant nearby. There’s nothing strikingly unusual about these buildings at a quick glance, but if you pause for a moment, you’ll see it’s an extra-long mural depicting three rowhouses covering the side of a windowless building. I especially like the extra touch of the slightly-open shutters that cast shadows on the 2nd floor of the central yellow unit … a little trompe l’oeil to give the appearance of 3-D elements. You can see these for yourself on 1st Street just off of Valley Street.

Another fun mural in South Orange – although not as realistic – is on South Orange Avenue under the NJ Transit train station for South Orange.

It depicts a series of vintage cars parked in front of the “Blue Moon Diner,” with an enthusiastic couple portrayed in silhouette inside. It doesn’t have any optical illusions like the mural above, but they’re both pretty large in scale, maybe 75 feet in length or more. Check out a slideshow of images from this mural below:

  • mural under South Orange train station
  • street art featuring vintage cars South Orange
  • vintage car mural with milk crate
  • vintage cars with full moon art mural South Orange
  • silhouette of couple in embrace art mural
  • yellow jalopy vintage car mural
  • license plate with name Krook
  • vintage car mural in South Orange