Sculpture in the Snow: Boulder, Colorado

We were in Boulder, Colorado to visit the University of Colorado campus there, and it happened to be snowing that day. Having grown up in Minnesota, snow is not a big deal to me, but being in a new town for the first time, I seemed to be noticing the snow and especially how it looked as it covered the various public sculptures I was seeing. This trio with their buffalo (above) were seen on the campus near Folsom Stadium … I’m sure there was a plaque someplace with the artist’s name, but I didn’t see it, so I can’t identify it for you (the plaque was probably covered with snow!).

I like how this next one turned out … it’s “Hearts on a Swing” by George Lundeen, and it’s situated in the shopping area on Pearl Street. The woman figure is enjoying a swing ride while wearing a summer dress, but in this case, the dress has turned into a nice resting spot for about ten inches of snow.

Bronze sculpture by George Lundeen: Heart on a Swing

Here’s another one where I neglected to find the artist’s name or sculpture title under the snow … my bad. But this bronze sculpture of a mountain lion on Pearl Street is not going to be slowed down by a little snow.

bronze sculpture of a mountain lion on Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado

This next one did have snow covering the plaque, but after I took this picture, I wiped it off so I could see the artist and title: “One-on-One,” by Ann LaRose, featuring a boy playing tug-of-war with his pet dog.

Ann LaRose bronze sculpture Boulder boy with dog

Both this sculpture and the Lundeen woman on a swing were noted as being “on loan from the Tebo Family.” I was curious to find out who the Tebo Family is, and it is the family of Stephen Tebo, founder and owner of the Tebo Properties, a commercial real estate company. In addition to sharing their collection of bronze sculptures with the city, the Tebo Family is also the primary donor to the Tebo Family Medical Pavilion, a state-of-the-art cancer center in Boulder.

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