Snowmen invade 23rd Street near the Flatiron Building

I was walking uptown towards Penn Station, in order to return home to NJ after a day of art viewing in NYC, when I happened upon this crew of snowmen on 23rd Street just north of the Flatiron Building. It turns out that they’re not made of snow at all, but rather marble! It’s an art installation, presented by the Dominique Levy Gallery, featuring the work of artist Peter Regli. These snowmen are part of a series of interventions that Regli calls “Reality Hacking,” and they are meant to “interrupt the routine of the commuter and provide a humorous diversion within the wintry New York landscape.” It certainly did that for me! I paused to stop, walk around them, feel the smooth marble surface, and have a laugh.

If you’d like to see them for yourself, they’ll be residing on 23rd Street at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue until March 13th.