Urban decay as art in Ithaca

Somewhere along the line, my art history degree and interest in fine art took a turn, where I started to appreciate “found art” in the streets. Maybe it’s because of my art history background, but I can see things on the street and find my mind making comparisons to art historical figures and art works. Take this image above … I’m not even sure what it is, or what it’s purpose is, but I saw it while walking around Ithaca, and it brought to mind a couple things. The white rectangle that seems to “float” on the wall reminds me of Mark Rothko, and the whole “composition” also reminds me of Antonio Tapies.

At any rate, walking around Ithaca, I saw a lot of visually interesting “urban decay,” and by that I simply mean architectural details and other things one might see walking around a city that are in a state of disrepair, falling apart, dirty, or simply neglected. I suppose most people might think of these things as proof of a bad neighborhood, or owner neglect, and maybe in some cases they are, but my eye tends to pick out the things that have some sort of inherent beauty, even in a state of neglect. Check out my slideshow of pictures from Ithaca, and let me know in the comments below whether you also see art, or if you just see junk.

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  • arts adventure in Ithaca
  • torn posters street art in Ithaca
  • scraped up truck in Ithaca looking like abstract art
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  • The Arts Adventurer in Ithaca