Using signs as a canvas for graffiti

There’s something about a sign that seems to attract the attention of graffiti artists, especially those who do sticker art graffiti, or “slaps,” as they’re commonly called. What I find visually interesting, though, is when the graffiti piles up in layers and then takes on a whole new look as people try to peel them off or slap another one on top, but only partially blocking the one under it. It evolves into a near abstract work of art, like the example shown above. One thing is for sure: the original sign quickly loses its ability to communicate its original message.

Below is a slideshow with more graffiti and slaps covering signs in New York City:

  • graffiti on a no parking sign
  • sprinkler sign with graffiti, NYC
  • no parking sign covered with street art
  • chelsea piers sign with graffiti slaps
  • sticker art graffiti on a no parking sign
  • graffiti covering a no parking sign
  • graffiti covered sign becomes abstract art