“Wow Factor” construction site, New York City

On my recent visits into New York City, I’ve often been on the west side, heading from Penn Station down to the Chelsea neighborhood to see exhibitions at the local art galleries. But I’ve found myself much more aware – and fascinated by – all of the construction projects going on all over this part of the city. It seems like you can’t go more than a few blocks without encountering either a new high-rise, a condo development, or an office building under construction. A lot of the construction is densely situated in the Hudson Yards area, but there’s plenty going on south of 30th Street as well.

As I was turning left onto 10th Avenue at 30th Street, I noticed this construction site to my right, and something near the top caught my attention: someone had sneaked into the site and climbed up to the top where he or she spray-painted the phrase “Wow Factor” on a horizontal steel beam. It seems like a weird graffiti tag, unless the writer simply wanted to express the level of difficulty in placing this tag.

Below is a zoomed-out look at the same site, to give you a better idea of what the graffiti artist had to do to get up there to write this tag. It’s a little harder to see in this view, but it’s to the left of the flag. I’d assume its presence will be short-lived, as it is on an interior support beam which will get covered up soon as they continue to build the site, but I guess it still has a wow factor for now.

Hudson Yards construction site, New York City